celebrating a year of success

One year after it was founded, the Data Visualization Society had more than 11,000 members. This calls for a celebration, and is there a better way to celebrate than with a data visuslisation challenge?

When joining the society, all members are asked to fill out an optional survey where they rank their professional experience on a scale from 0 (novice) to 5 (expert) within each of these fields:

data collection, cleaning, analysis
design, storytelling, building
leadership, community, management

For the Data Visualization Society's first anniversary, the members have been invited to visualise the current result of this ongoing member survey. Since I really like the idea of a society of data vis practicioners from all over the world, I wanted to make a symbolic representation that showcases the members' communal strengths. So I chose a free-form solution for my visualisation: a data vis flower.

Each petal of the flower represents one of the three main experience areas. Although the objective of my visualisation is mainly symbolic, the size of the petals is still data-driven: it's based on the mean of all members' rankings for each experience area. We can see from the length of the petals that the members feel a tiny bit more experienced in the data crunching and visualisation areas, but our joint skills are still really evenly distributed across the three experience areas! Hover / tap the petals to see the numbers.

The flower and legend are built with D3.js. I drew the template for the flower petal in Affinity Designer and exported it as an SVG to use in the code. The colours are from the Data Visualization Society's official logo.

Read more about the numbers in this Data Visualization Society post on Medium. And don't forget to join the society! You can find their website here.

Visualisation design, page design, code, text: ©Trud Antzée 2020

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